We're turning millions of fans and thousands of artists into one unstoppable global community – in motion. Here, we celebrate creative expression in all its forms. From dance and music to apparel and design, we believe that art and passion can change the world. And that change starts with embracing your own unique, authentic, kickass self.

Our Organization

We are the original, most trusted, and fastest growing dance and music entertainment brand in the world. But more importantly, we are a platform for you and your talent. We believe sharing your authentic experience is crucial to building a connected world. Through our events and community, we're creating a space for artists and fans to do just that.

Our History

What began in 2008 as a single event is now a continent-spanning, tour de force of human spirit and sick dance moves. WOD attracts YouTube stars, industry icons, and 100,000+ fans to events in more than 25 countries. No language barriers. No animosity. Just pure, awe-inspiring movement.

Our Mission

It goes beyond trophies, titles, or fame. The goal is creative expression: changing the world through artistry and motion. We’re embracing boldness, celebrating diversity, and connecting distinct, powerful sound and dance into one community - A Millennial-led World of Dance.

We Will

Be Authentic

Find strength in what makes you different, and keep it real.

Be Open

Celebrate diversity and new ideas, even the crazy ones.

Be Humble

Know you're not perfect (yet) and strive for continual improvement.

Do the right things

Unleash your unstoppable enthusiasm for things that matter.

Do them well

Set world-class standards, and never stop reaching for them.

Do them together

Collaborate, participate, and be good to one another.


Partner with WOD

Partnering with WOD proves creative expression really does change the world for the better. Our brand partners are shaping the future of dance and music entertainment, while tapping into a network of millions of engaged fans.

Not only do we create content and operate media platforms with direct consumer impact, we connect brands with today's most influential content creators and YouTube icons across dance, music and youth culture.

By the numbers

Total Immersion

From sampling and influencer marketing to branded content, WOD is the only community that can give you 360-degree immersion into dance and music culture.

Influencer Network

Our strong relationships with influential content creators and YouTube icons give brands access to the millions of fans who respect their opinions.

Monthly Views
Massive Audience

Our YouTube and Facebook channels average 30 million monthly video views and are growing by more than 150,000+ new subscribers per month.

Age 18-34
Millennial Love

99% of our audience is under 35. If your brand speaks to Generation Y and Z crowds, WOD can connect you to their world.

Diverse Perspectives

We’re proud of our diverse fandom. Our demographic is nearly evenly split between Hispanics, Asian-Pacific Islanders, African Americans, and Caucasians, and you can reach them all.


Got questions, comments, or suggestions? Get them into the WOD community. We’re better with your input.

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